Ewa Michalak BM Szmaragd

When I initially tried this bra on back in Feburary, it was a little sad. The cups were too big and there was no lift to be found. Because of that, I snatched up a 65F (and matching 36 briefs) and hoped I could add the BM to my list of well fitting bras. Unfortunately, the 65F was too small, though not so much that there was no hope. I decided I would hold on to them and if my size fluctuated, one of them might prove successful.


Ewa Michalak SM Wanilla

This bra seems to be slightly lesser known as I think it might be exclusive to Ewa's stockists... but don't quote me on that. It's yet another that I purchased second hand but this time as new, with tags. This one is a 65G that I believe the original owner got from Bra Obsessed .

Ewa Michalak SM Cukiereczek

This is the SM version of the Cukiereczek in 65FF. I've reviewed the HM version of this bra in two different (and bigger) sizes. While the HM and I never really got along, the SM styles have had a better success rate.


Cleo Marcie - Black and Burgundy (30FF)

I've had my eye on the black Marcie for a long time, but with the recall and lack of stockists, getting my hands on one wasn't the easiest thing in the world. Bravissimo has had it for a while now but after they sent a return package back to me nearly two years go that put me out a bunch of money and knowing their shipping is pretty damn expensive, I was having trouble justifying the purchase. Then a few things started piling up and I was slowly convincing myself.
First, I bought this (cheap) bodystocking on Amazon and knew it would go very well with a black bra. Then I wanted to start a little DIY project that would also work best with a black bra (post definitely coming on that one). Lastly, Panache released the beautiful "burgundy" version of Marcie and of course Bravissimo carries that as well, so I knew it was time to place an order.

I'll be going over both bras in this single post since I've covered Marcie a boat load already.


Cleo Lily (30FF)

It's been too long since my last post! Between work deadlines, new interests and my vacation in July, I've only lurked around the bra community without much interaction. To be fair, I haven't gotten any new bras until yesterday, but I do have a couple ideas for other posts, so it's not a very good excuse. :p
It's good to be back, though!

Getting right to it...
The Lily is no stranger to me and my blog. I've had numerous colors and sizes of it and so I initially debated on mentioning this one. However, once I tried it on, I felt like there was enough difference between this one and the others that it might be useful information for someone with a similar shape and situation. 


Cleo Cassie Longline Bikini Top

In an effort to ensure that I had a bathing suit for my vacation, I frantically searched the internet for something cute that would get here in time. I was afraid my Comexim order might either be late or not fit, so I was really feeling the crunch. Luckily, I found one that I really liked, happened to be a longline and fits quite well - the Cassie Longline from Cleo.

32F Cleo Cassie Longline Bikini Top


Beige Cleo Marcie

Recently, Large Cup Lingerie and Bravissimo got the release of the beige Marcie from Cleo. They seem to have gotten very limited stock for some reason, so when I first found out, LCL had already sold out of 30G. A short while later, I tried on my red 30G Marcie and realized it was too big, so I rushed back to the LCL website and bought the (seemingly last) 30FF.
I'm still trying to figure out what to make of it.